Website AutoTrade - mechanical trading systems and robots was founded in 2007. The basis of the site is the program AutoTrade, designed for automated trading on stock and futures market. We accumulated vast experience in the field of algorithmic trading - from technologies of automatic trading until development  of algorithms of  trading strategies and robots.

For today, the technologies incorporated into a software product AutoTrade, allow you to create trading robots on different platforms: Omega Research, MultiChars, MetaStock, custom application developers (using AutoTrade API) with the performance of the signals on the Russian market (QUIK, SmartTrade), and the foreign (CQG TRader).

The founder of the site and the inspirer is Yuri Kondratenko. For now a our team consists of professional "market" of programmers and asset managers. This symbiosis of skills allows to develop and implement professional trading systems , which availables in the Solutions section.

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